Frequently Asked

    How is my produce prepared and packaged?

    Depending on the crop, some of the produce is water-cooled from the field to
    remove the heat, some of it is rinsed, and some of it is simply brushed off so the
    natural surface is not disturbed so the food maintains it's freshness longer. Food
    safe resealable bags are used for the lettuce and mixed greens, but nearly
    everything else is carefully packed directly into the box, some small items may be
    bagged for handling convenience.

    We encourage our members when picking up their shares to bring their own
    reusable containers or bags to transfer their vegetables as our farm stresses
    responsible use of resources and materials. We label your boxes with your name
    and reuse your own boxes each week.

    We use botanical grade certified disinfectants on our equipment and NO chlorine
    or bleach products are used for sanitizing or wiping your produce. We recycle our
    rinse water whenever possible.

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