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    Do you allow visits to the farm?

    Yes, we welcome and encourage visits. We are located just east of Rush City.
    Each year we add more events and activities as our membership grows. We also
    work with various youth and community groups for them to do fundraising
    activities on the farm.

Other Questions answered below:

    When can we visit, or help out, at Treasured Haven Farm?

    I am coming to work in the gardens, what do I bring?
How many, and what kind of, trails do you have?

Can I come ride my horse on the farm?

Do you have a "Petting Zoo"?
    When can we visit, or help out, at Treasured Haven Farm?
    We appreciate notice when you would like to come visit or work so we can plan
    accordingly, at least a day or two or more notice would be appreciated for short
    with farm equipment and machines.

    We know some members love to come and work every week and help to pack
    away from volunteering or working. We encourage everyone to make it out to the
    community effort and all are welcome to participate, we do not require working as
    a part of our program, but encourage members to do what they can so we can
    keep our costs down and our shares affordable for all.

    We will provide vegetables, as available, for area foodshelves in exchange for
    volunteers coming to work in weeding, harvesting, or packing, and then
    transporting the produce share to their selected location. We work with youth and
    community groups to provide fundraising projects here on the farm. Please, call
    ahead to arrange. For more information on fundraising Click Here.

    I am coming to work in the gardens, what do I bring?

    Remember to bring whatever you need for the weather conditions such as your
    sunscreen, any insect repellent (Lavender Essential Oil on pulse points works
    well too), a shade visor or hat,  jacket or long sleeves, you may want long pants,
    solid boots or shoes, gloves, your own water bottle (alcoholic beverages and
    smoking are not allowed), a bunch of enthusiasm, and a great attitude! Your
    children are welcome, but you are responsible for their supervision. You may
    want to come with a friend and take turns watching them in our play area or
    children's garden.

    Can I ride my horse on the farm?

    We set aside certain days and weekends when the trails in the woods and
    along the fields are available for our Members with horses. You assume
    responsibility for controlling and caring for your horse at all times. Water
    hydrants are available for your use. We currently do not have any stable
    facilities but you are welcome to stay overnight with your horse and trailer, if
    you wish.  We ask that you respect others who may walk the trails that you
    clean up any "fertilizer" left by your animals. We are continually developing new
    trails around the farm and welcome your input. Some trails are for foot traffic
    only because of the terrain, so please pay attention to those signs.

      How many, and what kind of trails do you have?

    For years we have worked at creating hiking, walking, cross country skiing, and
    maintenance trails throughout our wooded areas and along our fields. We have
    many miles of trails which head out in many loops depending on how long you
    wish to walk. The woodland trails are cleared bases with a natural woodland
    surface of leaf mulch. The field and prairie tails are long cut grass. We have a
    very nice wooded area in the back of our farm that borders Rock Creek that is
    an exceptionally nice walk. There is much wildlife in the area and makes a great
    nature walk to look for evidence of animals.  Property boundaries are marked
    and we ask that you respect them and not venture beyond into our neighbors
    lands. Any trespassing will result in your forfeiture of the opportunity for use the
    trails. These trails are a continual work in progress.
requirements we cannot technically operate a "Petting Zoo".