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* How long have you been farming?
* How long have you been doing a CSA?
* Are there items in your box grown by other farms, and if so, which farms?
* How did last season go?
* I'd like to talk with a couple of your members before I commit. Could you give me
contact info for a couple of "references"?

Here are Treasured Haven Farm's Answers to these particular questions.
And even some more frequently asked questions below.

* How long have you been farming?
Pete and Peg have been farming our entire lives, and farming together since 1982.
Pete has lived on the home farm here his entire life, and additional land we added
from 1983 to 1995 is adjacent to the home farm. We have used alternative and natural
farming practices increasingly since the mid 80's to become the environmentally
responsible and sustainable farm we are today. We are always educating and
encouraging ourselves to even do a better job to care for our corner of God's Creation.

* How long have you been doing a CSA?
We have always enjoyed the fresh produce grown on the farm and after much
planning began to share our bounty with our inaugural year of CSA deliveries to the
Twin Cities Metro Area in 2009. We began with 101 members and our family providing
all labor. We are unlike many farms as we are coming from years of large scale
natural farming and applying it to the much more concentrated veggie operation. We
are experienced and equipped to handle a larger scale than most while keeping with
the care and attention to the organic farm practices with wonderful additional
resources such as the woodlands and pastures that add to the value of the CSA
experience with a well rounded local ecosystem. We also include woodland and
wildlife management in our farm operation and encourage member participation in our
tree planting days as well.

* Are there items in your box grown by other farms, and if so, which farms?
We only place our personally grown produce in your boxes. We believe that you have
entrusted us to provide you with your summer produce and that you want to know first
hand where your food is grown. We are NOT a food handler who simply packs
produce sourced from many farms, either locally or across the country. We are a
family farm that grows our veggies just for you and have no other markets other than
the occasional pick your own beyond what our members can use, and other special
custom grown items. We also believe in providing you with an educational experience
as part of your membership and are adding member chefs, fundraising opportunities,
and our own family meteorologist to create a weather log and blog.

* How did last season go?
The 2009 growing season was one of the worst growing seasons in recent memory.
We started the year cool and dry, and at one point went an entire month without
significant measurable precipitation. We had planned and planted for extra produce,
but with the dry, cool weather closed registrations to meet our current members
needs. We were very creative a couple weeks and customized boxes and did a lot of
special requests as crops initially did not mature as planned even with irrigation, but
as the year progressed and warmed up we had a bounty of many crops, went the
entire 18 week season, and had much extra produce of some varieties for the taking.
We felt that if we could handle 2009 and never give up working and planting more and
continually watering, we could handle anything that we will ever encounter farming...
we still vividly remember the summer of 1988 and the dry blast furnace we endured,
2009 rivaled that historic weather year in our area of the state. In 2010, we are
incorporating hoop houses and greenhouses into the operation to more further control
the growing conditions and extend our season with even greater certainty. Read our
Day of the First Freeze story, Click Here.

* I'd like to talk with a couple of your members before I commit.
Could you give me contact info for a couple of "references"?
We will gladly honor the request for references via phone or email. We do not list such
info online for Privacy reasons.
Do you have a weekly newsletter? We send out an email UPDATE at least once
Do you have a weekly day of, or before, delivery with the specific contents of the
boxes. We only have print  We send out an email UPDATE at least once only via
email to save on resources and costs. We are currently replacing our recipes pages
on our website with even more info and links for the greatest resources for our
members. This year we are working with previous members who are our Guest Chefs
We also send special emails if something unusual or exciting is happening on the
multiple emails so people knew what was happening on the farm and what we were
doing to save those veggies. It was a play by play report that many found so
enlightening. It was a great educational opportunity for our members kids, and also
for many adults who seldom think about the connection of weather and their food. We
view our CSA as much more than just eating healthy, local and fresh veggies, but
also as an opportunity for a strong connection with farming and the environment.

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