How is my produce packed?

    How is my produce prepared and packaged?

    We pick your veggies as close to delivery time as possible, so most items are
    picked on delivery morning. Depending on the crop, some of the produce is water-
    cooled from the field to remove the heat, some of it is rinsed, and some of it is
    simply brushed off so the natural surface is not disturbed so the food maintains its
    freshness longer. Food safe resealable bags are used for the lettuce and mixed
    greens, but nearly everything else is carefully packed directly into the box, some
    small items may be bagged for handling convenience and sorting.

    We encourage our members when picking up their shares to bring their own
    reusable containers or bags to transfer their vegetables as our farm stresses
    responsible use of resources and materials. We label your boxes with your name
    and reuse your own boxes each week.

    We use botanical grade certified disinfectants on our equipment and NO chlorine
    bleach, phosphates, or chemical products are used for sanitizing or wiping your

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Are the veggies delivered,
by bag or box, do I need to                        
separate or pack my own?

Your veggies are packed in reusable waxed veggie boxes, labeled with your name,
and delivered to your assigned drop site on your scheduled delivery day. They are
packed according to your chosen share size by farmer's choice from what is freshly
harvested and available that day, or your box will be customized to your order from
what is available if you have ordered a Custom Share.

If there is any item you do not want a given week, you can feel free to place it in an
Extras and Exchange Box located at many sites and take something else in its place...
Please note that many business sites sadly do not have space or availability for these
exchange boxes as it can cause confusion for their customers or non-members and
compromise members boxes when someone may misunderstand the CSA and think
all boxes are extra produce to which they can help themselves. Safety and security
are always a top priority for members shares.

Those Extras and Exchange Boxes may have marginal produce, or seconds as well.
We ask that you take only what you personally can use, and depending on your pick
up time, leave some for other members who may have not yet picked up their box.
Additional produce may be available on the farm for helping harvest during peak
times, or for gleaning the final crop harvests. Depending on the crop, often those
extras that members harvest are available by just leaving a portion to be made
available to others as part of their shares.

SMALL, 1/2 Bushel:  14 in. long by 11 in. wide
                      by 7 in. deep
(Our Custom and Peak Small Shares may be placed in a slightly
larger 5/9th Bushel Box to accommodate the varying selection,
or also used for those who have other add-ons that need to fit in
their share box for ease of delivery.

BASIC, 3/4 Bushel:  14 1/2 in. long by 11 in.
wide                                                      by 11 1/2 in deep

LARGE, 1 1/9 Bushel:  18 in. long by 12 in.
wide                                                           by 12 in. deep
Availability Dates
in Minnesota
Provided by Minnesota Grown.

This may include some items
that we do not presently
raise on the farm.
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