Fund Raising Programs
for your group or cause.
Treasured Haven Farm
offers multiple fund raising opportunities for you and your group.

You can have your group or cause be part of our trail running events without the
hassle of organizing a stand alone race.We have special event days where you can
either have your own race time or combine with others.

You set your sale prices from recommendations and get the custom engraved
products at a discounted or wholesale amount depending on volume of sales.
We also have shirt printing options available.

Personalized products are of great demand, great value,and easy to sell.
People love to invest in gifts of high heirloom quality, and uniqueness.
We also can offer ongoing residual agreements with your group
through an online order code.

Each group will also have their own custom page with their items available
for viewing and a printable order form for their customers to print off
and return, or email the info to you, for distant sales.
No door to door selling needed!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your page can contain pictures of your group,
your fund raising goals and purposes.

If you know of a youth, sports, church,
or organizational group that could use this local
Minnesota fund raising opportunity, have them give us a call.

For more information:
Call Peg at 320-358-3581
Fund Raising for Your Group
Treasured Haven Farm