The Naturals Collection is made from natural hardwoods
such as maple, elm, apple, ironwood, hickory, boxelder,
ash, plum, oak, basswood, butternut, birch, aspen, poplar,
cherry, and other woods as available. Most of these
unique pieces are made from downed trees, limbs, or
recycled from larger lumber projects or century old
lumber, and custom cut on our own farm. We offer a few
pieces made from select coniferous trees such as cedar,
pine, fir, and spruce. Some we have created with a truly
unique weathered look. So whether you are looking for
rustic or refined we have something unique for you.

We opt to use only natural non-toxic finishes, if any, so as
to maintain a very environmentally friendly workplace and
keep our products as natural as possible. Our fasteners
and hangers are also natural and recycled items, such as
natural twines, hemp, leather, and farm wire.

All our engraved sayings and quotes focus on fun and
encouragement. If there is a saying or topic you would like
to see us carry, feel free to contact us and we will see
how we can help.
The Natural Chunky designed to sit on your shelf or desk. Both traditional and the all natural
woodland edge. Chunkies can have sawtooth hangers attached to hang on your wall.
Some are also available with wire or jute hangers.
The Natural Slab is a diagonal cut wood slice designed either as a tabletop
or shelf version to sit with a support holder,
or wall decoration with a wire, twine, or leather hanger.
Available in a wide range of sizes. We also have smaller items such as magnets.
The Natural Log is available in two designs, a quarter cut or a cross section rustic cut.
Treasured Haven Farm's
Engraved Naturals