Treasured Haven Farm's
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Infant and Toddler TOWEL BIBS
Peggy has made her famous Towel Bibs since our first
child was born, 24 years ago.  Made from terry towels
we have both patterned and appliqued.
We have smaller fingertip towel size for infants and
kitchen towel size for toddlers. Necklines are cut for a
great fit.

NOW we carry...
ADULT size Towel Coverlets
with velcro closure at the neck for either use in the
bathroom as a make-up cape, or at the dinner table. We
use vibrant colors and patterned trim or printed towels.
Beauty and style are ALWAYS important!
Scroll Saw FRETWORK Pictures
Silhouettes of your favorite scenes. The Fisherman, The Mighty Hunter,
Grandpa's Tractor, Wild Wolves, The Buck, and more. These are
personally sawn for you, these are not mass produced by a machine.
Peggy also does Impressionistic Style Scenery
Acrylic Painting
on furniture or wall art. She can also
custom paint a piece of your choosing. She does special
custom pieces such as worship hall banners or wall
hangings. Special Order Wall Banners can also be sewn.
Contact Peggy for details.
Our On The Farm Collection
of arts and crafts include fun sayings
and delightful whimsical novelty
items with a farm theme. An example
is our famous cow plaques with
sayings like
"You have entered 'udder' chaos!",
"Enjoy our Dairy-Air",
"All we own, we owe to udders"
or your own customized saying.
"The Buck"
"The Fisherman"
"Feather Coyote"
"The Pheasants"
Rustic Fretwork Collection
We have a collection of designs in Rustic,
Weathered, or Roughsawn Lumber. These
are great for the cabin, barn, whatever. The
different properties of the wood make each
one unique.