Standing dead Lodgepole Pine logs
delivered from Montana via semi-trailers.
We hired someone to excavate the
footings and basement.
The cement pumper came at the
crack of dawn when we poured the
basement walls ourselves.
The interior footings, plumbing, and
sand installed and packed before
laying the vapor barrier, insulation,
and radiant heating tubes.
We stayed up all night to get all the
heat tubes installed before the cement
crew came to lay the basement floor.
Here are some earlier pictures of the log home project.
This home is to replace our farmhouse that burned
fifteen long years ago. Our temporary housing (aka
mobile homes) have served us well, but it is time to get
a solid home again. It will also be home to our
Treasured Haven Farm gathering area and gift shop.

We are self contracting this home and have done all the
work ourselves with exception of excavating, septic
system, exterior footings (but we now know we should
have done that ourselves too), and cement for the
basement floor.

So far we designed the home, installed the Insulated
Concrete Form foundation and poured the cement into
the forms. Installed the drain tile system and basement
vapor barrier. Poured the interior footings, installed the
basement plumbing and radiant heating system
including insulation and heat tubes in the basement and
garage. We did all the interior basement framing, the
stairways, the floor systems for the main and upper
floors. And then the LOGS.. lots of logs... we have cut
many of our notches in addition to the ones pre-cut...
and have taken painstaking care to get them installed
accurately and evenly. As with all things, logs aren't all
identical and so careful attention to thickness has been
a necessity so that the walls go up evenly all the way
around. Currently we have a few layers of logs to go
over the main house.
The logs are staged, prepared and cut to length for the perfect placement.
This is no "paint by number" house, all log pieces are individually cut to fit
from lineal feet of logs. Most logs came in 12, 16, and 20 feet lengths.
The basement wall and support system is built stout and strong...
the floor systems have been installed and decking has been laid.
And the work of laying the logs continues on as our work schedule permits.
THERE WILL BE A ROOF ....SOON!!!!!!!!! :)

Great works of art take TIME!

Some construction photos of our project...