Treasured Haven Farm
Expiration January 21, 2018

Get more bang for your registration buck by using the PROMO CODE: FRESH2018 to receive a
Gift Certificate to use during the season for purchases of additional bulk or canning veggies, grains or
seed, potted plants, engraved gifts - signs or frames, apparel, craft items, trail run registrations, gifted
CSA vegetable share...  

Due to limited supply and very narrow margins, Gift Certificates CANNOT be redeemed for:
Eggs, Chickens, Maple Syrup, Fruit. Any purchase of an additional gifted CSA Veggie Share where a Promo Gift
Certificate is applied towards the purchase is NOT eligible to receive an additional Gift Certificate.

To be eligible you must purchase a CSA Veggie Share and Gift Certificate amounts are proportionate
to your Veggie Share size and total share purchase.

Minimum Share total of $400 = $20 Gift Certificate
Minimum Share Total of $700 = $35 Gift Certificate
Any Share over $1000 will receive a $50 Gift Certificate, and for every $100 over that amount you will
receive a Gift Certificate equal to 5% of the Total Share.

Examples: $1408 Total would receive a $70 gift Certificate.
$1758 Total would receive a $85 Gift Certificate.
$2024 Total would receive a $100 Gift Certificate.