Treasured Haven Farm
CSA Drop Site Host Info

Many of our CSA Drop Sites come from suggestions from our members.
If you know of a business, store, office, or your own home
in your area that would be a good match for a CSA Drop Site
with Treasured Haven Farm, please contact us.
If there is an area where we currently do not have a locations listed,
contact us and we can review if we can service a location in your area.

How do Treasured Haven Farm's CSA Drop Sites work?

Treasured Haven Farm operates on a self-serve pick up system at their drop
sites. The share boxes are dropped at the site locations within a general time
frame, and are available after that time for pick up. Each Member's Share Box
is labeled with the Member's Name. Member's unload their veggies from their
boxes and usually load them into their reusable tote and unfold the box
carefully and leave it at the site to be reused for their next delivery. In this
system, members do not have to be present at delivery time and have a greater
window to pick up their share. Certain weeks there is additional produce
available at the site, and also an exchange box for produce. Instructions are on
these specially labeled containers.

What is required to be a Treasured Haven Farm CSA Drop Site?

What we look for in our CSA Drop Site locations are:

Convenient and Accessible Parking: We prefer locations with convenient
access for our delivery vehicles, either our small van, or larger van or truck. We
like to have a convenient, suitable, and secure area to park, unload and cart in
the boxes. Since we have many deliveries to make each run, we need each
drop to be very time efficient, and certain locations with elevators, or a long
carting distance may require more members to be considered. We also need
adequate close parking for members to park for picking up their shares.

Adequate Space and Location for Delivery Boxes: Our sites vary in the
number of members picking up at each site. We prefer to have a minimum
accessible floor space area of 2 by 6 feet for the boxes to be stacked for our
smallest sites, and a larger square footage for our larger sites. Generally
speaking, our sites work best that have an area to stack the boxes at about one
square foot per member share. The area should also be out of the weather and
sun, air conditioned if possible, and easily accessible with minimum need for
handling by the host site. In a business or office setting, a location near the
front desk or lobby, or a accessible service area works well.
A place accessible by delivery cart is preferred.

Time Available for Pick Up: The best sites are those available from early to
mid afternoon to evening hours, allowing members to pick up on their way
home from work. We like to have sites available minimally from 3-6 pm, but
prefer until at least 6:30 or 7pm, if possible for members to pick up after work.
Times needed will vary according to the scheduled order of our deliveries to the
sites. There can be no accommodations for late pick-ups at most sites in order
to be considerate to our generous and hospitable hosts. We work with home
sites to set their hours, but most are open until about 6:30. Members are to
contact Treasured Haven Farm with any potential conflicts for that weeks pick
up two days prior to their scheduled delivery.

Compatibility of Business: Treasured Haven Farm likes to partner with
businesses where we can each promote the others business. We have sites at
health food stores and health clubs, bakeries, chiropractic offices and health
clinics, independently owned small businesses, and similar. The location must
be clean and compatible with produce and not have any toxic products, fumes,
or odors. We also deliver to churches, offices, and home drop sites.

Member interest: We prefer a minimum number of members at each site to
guarantee delivery and make each site energy efficient and economically
feasible. An average of at least 10 Basic Shares delivered each week is a good
guideline if you want to host a private site at your business. Each site does
have limits on the number of each share size and total number of shares

Requirements of Site Hosts: We ask our site hosts to commit to having the
site available for the agreed upon time for the entire delivery season, unless
prior arrangements or site partnerships are made. Please let Treasured
Haven Farm know of any date conflicts or dates when you will have
someone else helping at your site so we always have contact info.
We ask that the site be reasonably clean, and any business personnel act
appropriately with our mutual customers. We ask that any concerns or
problems be forwarded to Treasured Haven Farm immediately. If necessary,
we ask that the empty or folded boxes be held in clean area until the next
delivery day. The folded boxes can be held on edge in an area about one by
two and a half feet in a closet or storeroom.

Responsibility of Treasured Haven Farm: We, at Treasured Haven Farm,
agree to be respectful and courteous of your customers, and enhance and
promote your business. With certain extra large sites, we can arrange a return
visit by someone from Treasured Haven Farm, to clean up the drop site at the
end of the delivery day when our delivery route and schedule permits, or will
enlist the help of a member volunteer to do so, if necessary. We agree to
respond to any concerns and comments in a timely fashion, and address any
necessary issues immediately.