What do I get in my share?
What do we grow?

What do I get with my share?

~ 25-40 different, naturally grown vegetables/herbs from over 350 varieties
throughout the season, weekly or every other week, depending on share size.
The amount and variety of produce can vary greatly throughout the season
and depends on variations of the growing season each year.
See lists below.

~ Delivery to a Drop Site in your area on your scheduled day.
Pick-Up On Farm can swap out produce from what is available that week.

~ Pick-Your-Own cherry tomatoes, beans, peas, herbs, pumpkins, and other veggies
as available. Most extras on farm are available for free with helping
to pick extra of that crop for use for other weekly shares.

~Some drop sites, home drop sites especially, may have extras boxes available
with additional produce various weeks throughout the season.

Additional produce is also available on select weekends on the farm.
Examples, at the season end we had come as you wish mornings picking up whatever
you would like from what was left in the bins,
and also given opportunity to glean from whatever was left in the fields.

~Connected to the farm year-round through Newsletters and Farm Visits.
All CSA Members are invited to the farm for multiple events
throughout the season as part of their share.
Come visit for farm events, working in the gardens, picnics, camping,
star-gazing, running or hiking the trails, bird watching, bring your horse for riding,
visit with the farm animals.

Since we sell to no other markets, our members receive all bounty of crops
as well to the point that boxes are full. We pack first with all new items and then go back
through to fill with those items that may have been given previously if there are extras
but we try not to overload. We try to send as much as we can if there is room in boxes.

    Each week the vegetables in your box will vary according to what is currently in
    season and the size share you have chosen. The amount of produce can vary
    greatly for Large shares from 5 -12 pounds at the beginning of the season, about
    12 -18 pounds at mid-season, up to 25, and even 45 pounds, at the end of the
    season for our Large Shares. Usually, there are between 5 -12 different varieties
    each week, or more for the largest shares that generally have a greater variety. If
    your share is delivered to a Drop Site you will receive a Farmer's Choice Selection
    from what is "in season" that week. Those who Pick-Up at the farm will have the
    choice to mix and match your collection for the week or make various exchanges
    between the options for that week as available. If you are going to be on vacation,
    get a friend, relative, or your house sitter to pick up and enjoy your box for you.

    We love to grow everyone's favorites, but you are also encouraged to try the
    vegetables that may be new to you, or share that item with a friend. We try to offer
    recipes and suggestions in our weekly newsletters. If you have a household of
    picky eaters, a trip to the farm may be in order. Children, especially, are more apt
    to try something new when they have picked it themselves or have seen the
    vegetables growing in the field. Make this an adventure and learning experience
    for the whole family! You can also upgrade to a Custom Share and only order
    what you know your family will eat.

Some of the selections during the season may include:

    Early Season (mid June - mid July):
    Various Lettuce and Lettuce Blends; Mixed Greens; Arugula; Spinach;
    Broccoli; Green Onions; Radishes; Peas; Beet Greens and/or Baby Beets;
    Turnips; Kohlrabi; Summer Squash, Zucchini; Wild Edibles or Microgreens;
    New Red Potatoes; these and/or other crops as available as each growing
    season permits.

    Mid Season (mid July - August):
    Potatoes of many varieties; Beets; Carrots; Summer Squash, Zucchini;
    Lettuce, Mixed Greens, Swiss Chard; Peppers - sweet and hot; Eggplant;
    Tomatoes - cherry, plum, grape, heirloom, paste, slicers; Sweet Corn;
    Onions; Broccoli; Cabbage; Cantaloupe, Watermelons; Cucumbers; these
    and/or other crops as available as each growing season permits.

    Late Season (September - October):
    Tomatoes; Peppers; Eggplant; Cabbage; Carrots; Potatoes; Lettuce, Mixed
    Greens, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Kale; Onions; Beets; Cantaloupe,
    Watermelon; Sweet Corn; Turnips; Winter Squashes - Spaghetti, Butternut,
    Buttercup, Acorn, Delicata, Sweet Dumpling, more; Pumpkins - Pie, Carving,
    Decorative, Mini; Ornamental Corn; Gourds; these and/or other crops as
    available as each growing season permits. Decorative items are mainly
    available on the farm for the Fall Harvest events.

    Some crops may be available also at other times during the season.
    We do add and revise our selections to reflect members desires and tastes.

Drop Sites fill on a
first come,
first served basis.

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Produce Availability
Dates in Minnesota
Provided by Minnesota Grown

This is a statewide listing and not
necessarily all produce grown at
Treasured Haven Farm.

If you want to talk more, or
have questions
about your options,
email us at:
or call us at 320-358-3581.

The Boxes:
Lower Left,
White LARGE Box

Upper Left,
Brown BASIC Box

Upper Right,
SMALL Box White 1/2 bu

Lower Right,

For more info on Box Sizes

These crops are grown on the farm most seasons
depending on weather and growing conditions,
but not all items may be available each season.

The variety in each year's boxes is dependent on weather
and growing conditions and resulting maturity dates.

Beet Greens
Brussel Sprouts (Fall Season Only)
Chard, Swiss
Corn, Decorative (On Farm, Custom Only)
Corn, Grinding
Corn, Sweet
Cucumber, Pickling
Cucumber, Slicing
Gourds (On Farm, Custom Only)
Greens (braising)
Greens (salad)
Micro Greens
Pea Shoots
Peas, Snap
Peas, Snow
Peppers, Hot (by Requests Only)
Peppers, Sweet
Pumpkins, Carving (On Farm Only)
Pumpkins, Mini
Pumpkins, Pie
Squash, Summer
Squash, Winter
Sunflower Seeds
Tomato, Cherry and Grape
Tomato, Paste and Canning
Tomato, Slicers and Heirloom

Herbs / Wild Edibles / Microgreens
Selected from the following
Only the items marked with ** will normally be included in
standard shares, but many are available in fresh use
quantities for Custom Shares. Some of these may be
supplied by other growers in order to supply a larger variety.

varieties such a Sweet, Lemon, Clove,
Anise, Licorice, Purple, Thai, Spicy

Bee Balm
Garlic Chives
Lamb's Quarters
Lemon Balm

and more...